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Upcoming Webinar: Tuesday April 9, 2019 at 11am PT / 2 pm ET

Stop the Blame Game in Engineer to Order

How the Cloud Helps Sales, Engineering and Operations to Create Winning Quotes
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Part 2 - the Propel PLM Executive Webinar Series

√ Part 1, March 28: Integrated Cloud CAD and PLM
√ Part 2, April 09: Stop the Blame Game in ETO
√ Part 3, April 23: Be an ETO Trailblazer with Salesforce

Changing customer expectations, new types of competitors, and more complex products are endangering the entire business model of engineer-to-order (ETO) companies. ETO companies need to change now because the old game of throwing information back and forth between engineering, sales and operations is no longer good enough.

Customers are no longer satisfied with mediocre response times, lack of project visibility and disjointed communication across sales, engineering, and operations. Blaming other team for lower margins from poorly coordinated quotes doesn’t help with lost business to more nimble competitors.

In this webinar, Andrew Rieser of Mountain Point, a Salesforce and manufacturing consulting firm, and Miguel Tam of Propel, a Salesforce manufacturing software provider, will share how best-in-class companies are embracing the cloud to work better together, with internal teams and customers, and win more business.

They will cover how cloud applications like Propel and the Salesforce Sales Cloud can create an integrated business process from initial customer request to design discussions to winning customer quotes.

Join us on Tuesday April 9, 2019 at 11am PT / 2 pm ET to learn the following:

  • How a unified cloud platform can tie sales, engineering and operations processes
  • Real-world customer examples that have seen product throughput grow by 500%
  • A live demonstration of how Mountain Point, Propel and Salesforce uniquely support modern Engineer to Order business processes

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Miguel Tam

VP Business Development

Andrew Rieser

Founder and President
Mountain Point

Miguel Tam

VP Marketing
Mountain Point